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SBM, aligned with electronic tools and ecological issues, has transformed the Journal “Microbiologia in Foco” in a digital publication, therefore, it will no longer be printed. The next issues will be available on site for viewing and download.

By transforming the magazine into an electronic publication, information will be transmitted faster – the frequency will be once a trimester, presenting a scientific paper, updating the news of microbiology areas, informing the activities of SBM, national and international news, interviews and industry launches.

In addition, whenever there is something interesting, important or innovative, you will receive an e-mail “News – Micro in Focus” – That is SBM bringing the information closer to its associates.

Participate and contribute with this new format of Micro in Focus, the microbiologist communication channel! Send your topics’ suggestions!

We are counting on the valuable collaboration of interested parties in the promotion of microbiology in Brazil. We are eager to hear your thoughts and also suggestions on the Journal’s improvement.

  • Reviewed abstracts of relevant scientific papers;
  • Information articles on relevant topics;
  • Education in Microbiology;
  • Comments about books;
  • Tributes to renowned professionals related to the foundation and growth of the Brazilian Microbiology Society;
  • Featured Departments: News of interest in Microbiology;
  • Open area for the readers;
  • Industry Area;
  • Advertising slots (reserved for companies).


We present the marketing plan for 4 issues of the Revista Microbiologia in Foco until December 2015.

To advertise, contact Jair Cagnotto:


Phone: (11) 3813-9647 or 3037-7095

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