Specialist in Microbiology Title

The Brazilian Microbiology Society (SBM), presided over by Prof. Dr. Marina Baquerizo Martinez is pleased to promote the exam to obtain the Specialist Degree in Microbiology, TEMICRO.

The title of specialist in microbiology identifies the professional with adequate academic and scientific training, able to practice the specialty with ethics, responsibility and competence. This title is a reference on the professional’s qualification.


The title of Specialist in Microbiology aims to identify the professional with academic-scientific training, suitable and able to practice the specialty with ethics, responsibility and competence. Therefore, the title is a reference on the qualification of the professional, not constituted as a compulsory condition for exercising the profession.

The current criteria for obtaining the title are in accordance with the requirements established in agreements between by the Brazilian Microbiology Society and the Federal and Regional Councils of the areas related to microbiology.

The exams for granting the title will occur at least every two years, during the Brazilian Congress of Microbiology. The SBM National Titling Commission is responsible for all decisions regarding the process.

The tests consist of a CV (titles) evaluation, a written test of an eliminatory character, followed by a written test on practical microbiological and an interview.

Biologists, Biomedics, Pharmacists, Physicians, Veterinarians and other professionals who work in one of the Microbiology area may apply for the title of Specialist, provided they fulfill the prerequisites listed below.

The professional must have completed an undergraduate course recognized by the competent governmental body and have proven professional experience of five years or more, or a minimum internship of 1200 hours in microbiology. They must also be regularly enrolled in their professional counsel and not have any convictions in a professional ethical process.

To obtain the title, the professional must answer correctly at least 50% of the written test, and if they do not meet this criterion they will be eliminated, regardless of the final score. The obtained score must be at least 60% of the possible points, corresponding to CV (titles) analysis, written test, practical test and interview.

The title of Specialist in Microbiology will be valid for 5 (five) years, and it must be renewed according to the norms established by the SBM National Titling Commission.

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José Francisco Ghignatti Warth – Validade: 10/2016

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